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The car waxes have exquisite
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It is OK that the car waxes glazing is to give a kind of hairdressing love a car oneself start work the business that do. But a lot of car friend entered an error for this hang back, think automobile body wants to often wax, almost every time; Car candle Yue Guiyue is good, entrance car candle is the most beautiful beautiful. Actually, the car waxes dispute often has cultured, do not know among them doohickey, it is dry bad. So, how to wax to the car?

One, the classification that should know car polish and choice.

At present, breed of candle of the car on market hairdressing is various, the good and bad are intermingled. Its configuration has the branch of solid and liquid already, its price has high-grade and fasten intermediately, its brand has already homebred, have an import again. Because the function of all sorts of car candle is different, its action result is different also, must want when choose so discreet. Usually, should reach the circumstance such as travel environment to consider integratedly according to color of lacquer of the new old rate of car, car, choose the car candle of different character. Advanced and luxurious car, can choose entrance or homebred high-grade car candle; The new car that travel controls one year, had better choose candle of colour besmear glazing, in order to protect the burnish of bodywork and facial expression; Appropriate chooses summer prevent ultraviolet car candle, in order to avoid the ultraviolet harm to car lacquer; It is on the rustic kilometer with travel poorer environment, can choose the candle cultivating ester with protective outstanding action; To travel the average car of above of a year of time, can choose average pearl quality or candle of car of metallic lacquer series. Of course, the consistency with car lacquer color still must consider when choosing car candle, lacquer of general and brunet car chooses the car candle of series of black, gules, green; Lacquer of light color car chooses color of argent, white, pearl to fasten train candle.

2, the item that when waxing, should notice.

(1) new car does not want to wax casually. Because new car is on the lacquer layer that the manufacturer when leaving factory has given itself,one protects candle, if give new car prematurely to wax, meet instead get rid of the former outfit candle of new car surface. Usually, left and right sides of half an year of new car travel waxes again.

(2) wants what the thing spends when careful to wax. But what according to place of the environment of car travel, park, automobile body feeling feels is different, will decide waxed time. Oneself have garage place, and be in more again the car of Kuang Liang good travel, every 3-4 the month hits candle; The car of outdoor park, because wind blows drench, best every 2-3 the month hits candle.

(Before 3) waxes, had better use first special the agent that wash a car or clear water by on reach next cleaning the feeling dirt of automobile body appearance and clay, wipe bodywork after working again cerated. But the ten million in clear water cannot add the scour such as the washing powder, essence that wash clean and suds. Because these scour contain some sodium chloride composition to be able to erode layer of automobile body lacquer, cere and balata, make car lacquer loses burnish, balata ageing.
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