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Be careful inferior antifreeze destroys a car
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By last year, gentleman of Yinchuan city bavin promotes the Li Jingjie that celebrate an area in Yinchuan city some steam matched distribute ministry to buy 30 pails of antifreeze to be sold to clever fierce. The car that discovers every uses this antifreeze after all produces cistern slack breakdown, the parts such as the engine that causes clever city steam to repair plant institute to build a car directly has the damage of different level, disastrous.

Via product quality supervision and inspection of chemical industry of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region the station examines, index of density of appraisal eventuate product, freezing point, ash content and cast-iron corrode, steel is corroded, soldering tin is corroded, aluminium is corroded all do not accord with a standard, for rejected product.

Yinchuan city is promoted celebrate an area to be born endowment 12315 staff members spread out industrial and commercial place immediately investigation. Assist consumer to obtain evidence with all possible means on one hand, organize bilateral party actively to talk things over on one hand. However, manufacturer paid 2000 yuan to repair fare hind to disappear mysteriously however for consumer compensate. Industrial and commercial personnel explains the legal laws and regulations that concern to the person that sell for many times again, after the person that sell promises 2000 yuan when pay finally to fulfill compensate of go ahead of the rest, again the gender pays consumer 14 thousand yuan.

Industrial and commercial execute the law personnel reminds steam to match distribute door at this point, when replenish onr's stock must recognize manufacturer and brand, avoid to cause needless loss; Car advocate also should identify accurate brand when buying car consumable, prevent attaint of false bad product to love a car.