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Car hairdressing: Wax result
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Waxing is a of car hairdressing important step. As the development of science and technology, the sort of car candle also is added with each passing day much. Can be car candle cent according to the character of car candle the following 3 kinds.
One, hairdressing empress
Main product is pure natural and invisible car garment crosses film (T, 33, T, 34)(calls crystal candle) again. Candle of palm of chelonian card crystal, the personage inside course of study says " hairdressing empress " , what become the beauty with accepted bound of Chinese car hairdressing already is indicative. If the candle of other gives a car lacquer, is bright, "Hairdressing empress " the diaphaneity like the deepness that those who give is sea blue and crystal; If common candle shows is burnish, what crystal candle brings is glamour however! It is synthesized by a variety of polymer, face of applicable and all lacquer. Protection of its collect glazing is an organic whole, make car lacquer surface forms long sex diaphragm. Return can cleared bodywork juice of exterior stoma, tar, tree, oxidation, dirt, prolong polishing life, avoid car lacquer to produce furrow, nick, oxidation, fall off reach hair is yellow. The character of high quality needs to use a few only, can achieve the transparent result that expect is less than.
Before service instruction is used the car abluent wipe. Shake this tasting gently, fall in a few on wet cloth or sponge, small area rotates besmear is in car lacquer surface. Await a bit, reoccupy does not have the polish that spin cotton can. Suggest 90 angel are used.
2, acid resistant and anticorrosive model candle
Main product: Teflon is invisible car garment (T, 28) . The main component of fluorine fat candle is fluorine, the friction of fluorine coefficient is extremely low (anti-wear properties can be tall) , general already application lives daily with ours at industry a coating that does not stick boiler, the engine that fluorine contains in the toothpaste containing fluorine that protects a tooth and car additive is fought wear a lotion, all belong to this kind. And the character of the fluorine fat candle that contains teflon is extremely be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded, interpose report performance is good, and catch fire not easily, heat-resisting cold-resistant. Personages of a lot of car hairdressing major call it " invisible car garment. " its sealing is lubricant and good, abiding, acid resistant rain, anticorrosion, fight damp profit. It is new car and the good protection in the car in reaching contaminative environment travel badly. It is embedded polishing agent, the surface layer that can make fade or spends nick gently is like glossily first. Can use extensively at metal of pottery and porcelain, varnish, the project is plastic wait for glazing.
Use method washs the car wipe, shake this tasting, fall in a few on wet cloth of wet sponge or softness, small area rotates wipe. After working a bit, reoccupy does not have the rub-up that spin cotton can, work in shady and cool place please.
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