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Price of the car after the section begins " high table jumps "
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The car business after the interest good news that 8 years car city gains good cheer head first months allows a red-letter day more be filled with exultation, although weather of ice and snow lets the phenomenon of occurrence shortage of not little supply of goods year ago, but had turned as weather, each model also arrives in succession, the supply of goods of each agency is enougher, taking the advantage of exploit a victory of this good the look of things to pursue and attack in succession, everybody be eager for doing sth, roll out all sorts of favourable act to attract customer, let consumer savor buy the benefit of the car.

Double privilege greets Yuanxiao

Found a state one steam - the masses sends " 5 5 " overflow ceremony bag

Just join in before New Year one steam - of masses sale a group of people of same interest found a state car, drive before the festival of lanterns, take out overflow privilege to give customer people do obeisance to good year. Price interval is 11.25-14.08 10 thousand yuan treasure comes the car gets all the time of Chengdu city citizen love, to satisfy the requirement of consumer, do not be aimed at especially now enjoy " the car of the person that drive " beautiful praise treasure comes car, start in the round " 5 5 " joy buys an activity, comprehensive recruit treasure will love the home.

Arrive since this day now on Feburary 29, to found a state buy one steam popular treasure comes both sides or 3 side car, can enjoy alone " 5 5 " the wonderful courteous reception that joy buys, 5000 yuan of oily card maintain with 5000 yuan the double surprise buying a car of card you will take. Additional, buy treasure to come, golf adds 1 yuan of money to be able to be obtained give danger of responsibility of a third party, car caustic danger, pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, also buy a car to bring huge privilege for consumer. In the meantime, found a state one steam masses is special carry whole department to give customer people do obeisance to good year, buy whole department model to all can enjoy the material benefit that 0 interest rate mortgage. Feng Xiaojie

Buy outright sale material benefit to look so that see

Gentry of water chestnut of 3 water chestnut is highest and favourable 20 thousand yuan

The reporter learned a few days ago, southeast car of water chestnut power is opposite 3 water chestnut Sichuan gentry of water chestnut of 3 water chestnut is executed buy outright type sale, highest privilege amounts to 20 thousand yuan. Adopt this after buying outright type to sell, implemented the policy that single client enjoys a group to buy the price likewise thereby, give consumer real privilege. Of the example that regards new sedan type as MPV make, on foundation of GRANDIS of vehicle of Yuan Sanling space, complete by inside and outside undertake innovatory a gender stereo improve, innovation ground achieved more muti_function brand-new concept shift appearance. Adopy blood relationship of handed from the master directly of science and technology of 3 water chestnut, the wisdom drive function that with INVECS-II evolution type discharges oneself is a foundation, using SPORT-MODE hand to discharge an organic whole oneself is all and 2.4L efficient engine, province of give attention to two or morethings is oily with powerful dynamic demand. ABS, EBD, 4 are prevented bump into girder, back a car radar, four-wheel dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes, before fog lamp, change the safe configuration such as auxiliary floodlight to everything needed is ready, install air conditioning of stock changes in temperature, CD, hind faze shedding empennage, aluminium alloy annulus circle, steering wheel tilts adjustable, prevent clip dynamoelectric window, dynamoelectric rearview mirror, car carries communication system to wait comfortable model configuration. Chen De
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