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After the section, ningxia vehicle maintenance and repair maintains the busy mov
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Vehicle maintenance and repair maintains the busy move of in full swing digs course of study " gold " . The reporter understands in visit, after the section, vehicle maintenance and repair maintains market business is hot very, no matter 4S inn, car conserve inn still washs car inn, from first business of rise from all directions is extremely good, what some businessmen are centered by this even and come is busy do so that have too many visitors or business to deal with.

   4S store traffic gathers together think conserve had better make an appointment first

Recently, the reporter visited Yinchuan inn of 4S of a few cars, discover repair shop inside and outside stops a lot of 4S inn full car. "Between our maintenance from spend the New Year beginning is full every day, will maintain this year, the car of maintenance is particularly much, and great majority is spend the New Year to the other place and the car of go on a journey, we predict, one still can be greeted to maintain after the festival of lanterns height. " Jing Wenrui of manager of service of inn of numerous 4S of embellish of Ningxia of car of one steam masses tells a reporter, since the Spring Festival, this inn maintenance entering the arena, car that maintain achieves 500 or so, than apparent at ordinary times increase.

Benefit is enjoyed to connect a car to serve limited company in Yinchuan, the reporter sees, maintenance is versed in each is very busy. A surname piece car advocate express: "Spend the New Year, answered time of native place Gansu Province to make the same score cool. But the beginning of the year 3 that day car scratch, spend the New Year car use frequency is tall, do not have time to come out to repair all the time. Just went to work to come over, did not think of to queue up even. Did not think of to queue up even..

Wang Liping of manager of limited company of service of vehicle maintenance and repair is accepting star of Ningxia bright and beautiful when the reporter is interviewed, say repeatedly " the car that will repair is too much " . Wang Liping tells a reporter, go now the other place spends the New Year, the Spring Festival is driven oneself swim to had become a kind of fashion, the utilization rate of illicit car relatively rise apparently at ordinary times, accordingly also hard to avoid appears little trouble. Arrive after the section, large quantities of belts " injury " illicit car emerges to shop of each big 4S maintenance, because this is the busy season of vehicle repair after every are annual. Quantity comparing turns over the long car of this paragraph of time one time at ordinary times.

According to reporter understanding, as the increase of domestic year after year that has a car, during the Spring Festival, car works continuously, although go out,show a few indisposition, car advocate also let job of car in spite of illness, repair again to section hind. And during the Spring Festival, mostly staff of vehicle repair company also has a holiday come home spend the New Year, more bring about car of a few breakdown to cannot be repaired during the Spring Festival, the phenomenon that the car gathers together is repaired after occurrence section thereby. To do not let these awaiting the maintenance, car that maintain gathers together, partial 4S inn already used the means that the phone makes an appointment, arrangement car advocate will build a car in appropriate time. Car hairdressing inn follows " benefit from association with sb or sth " did not reach the designated position completely as a result of mechanic, although inn of each car 4S did business formally, after the car of Spring Festival keep long in stock adds an item, need to maintain, of maintenance, make 4S inn so busy that cannot leave hand in. The client with 4S proper inn " billabong " , the trade that allows inn of conserve of professional car hairdressing however rises more accordingly, they are busy and happy.
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