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Car tire blowout is flat also can leave
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Many traffic accidents are become flat by the car flat hind cause, and the device that citizen plum sunrise invents Nanning can let a car be after tire blowout is flat however not sideslip, not out of control, OK with in low speed flies automobile safety maintenance to stand. Recently, li Ri went out to reveal this his creation to the reporter.

Car tire blowout is flat also can leave

See Li Ri goes out only take out awl, plunge into into inside common tire, subsequently, on the side a boy minibus actuate hundreds of meters, leave again come back. Why such car still can travel? Is it possible that is this a special minibus? Li Ri goes out say, without what minibus is special, the key is tire.

Original, li Ri goes out there is gas at all inside this tire that takes useless old tire to transform, tire interior installed the metallic device that he contains. Abrupt and dissilient or the car tire that if going,sails is flat, baric under standard atmospheric pressure, metallic plant will be started instantly, do not let tire squash, hold the position of safe travel. In the meantime, volume of this metal unit can greaten according to the circumstance or decrescent, but quality is changeless. At ordinary times if control a birth normal, do not affect the normal travel of tire, if tire is flat, metallic unit volume greatens, appearance of the tire that prop up, assure car impartiality to travel, avoid the happening of traffic accident. This invention can make the driver becomes flat suddenly in tire below flat circumstance safer.

He still says, the minibus of the tire that oneself once were driving to install this kind of device along fast annulus travel circuit, did not discover what problem.

Ever initiated creation idea by the accident

Li Ri gives discovery, because car tire breakdown is caused,having many traffic accidents is. He thinks, in car travel if tire damages, still remnant still can continue below the circumstance of 3 wheel not deflection travel, can reduce accident of a few traffic. Then, li Ri gives a plan to study a kind " plane of the car after tire blowout is flat won't the wheel of out of control " .

2006, li Ri goes out drive car section is worn wife, in Guizhou a field road goes up sail. Abrupt, wheel occurrence breakdown, car sideslip, sail took the uncultivated land on the side in. Traces of human presence is exiguous over there at that time, the tractor that he is forced to taking pass by on one's way goes looking for maintenance station. After having such experience, the idea that Li Ri gives creation is more intense.

After many thinking, li Ri went out to think of to settle way eventually. He thinks, if tire can have a thing to prop up when was not enraged, wheel can continue travel. Just began, he chose epispastic embryo core, but this kind of material is not put in tire interior. Next, he discovers a kind of metal again, pass special processing to be able to put tire interior. The course is adjusted ceaselessly, he found more appropriate metal coefficient of expansion eventually, let put the tire that has unit of this kind of metal to follow common tire to be able to be used normally euqally.
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