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Hidden from view of the market after the car shows blundering
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Automobile industry cannot leave sincere letter to manage, in the car hind the market also likewise such, "Sincere letter " more the subject that becomes standard of industry of automobile articles for use to manage place to call. However, most car advocate the love car that dresses up oneself namely in the first thing after buying a car, consumer often can be immersed in a aeriform a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes in.

"Industry of the market after the car now is ' blundering ' , consciousness of consumption of consumer dimension power follows truckload establish truly than still be being done not have. " automobile articles for use and change one's costume or dress Xie Yu of technical center director points out, "Because current state is normative to the management of this industry,did not come on stage as before, cause this market disorder unceasingly. Cause this market disorder unceasingly..

At present industry of the market after the car arrives from the inn washing a car of street edge truckload change one's costume or dress course of study, the service of the moisture of the price, low end, cheap product invites customer chart was done not have in the heart. Face the disorder of the market after the car, because of relevant law laws and regulations do not reach the designated position tardy, what consumer can do is submit to humiliation only.

In the data that publishs in Beijing consumer society, of the market after the car serves relevant complain always complain in the car in have quite large proportion. To this, the personage inside course of study discloses, the illicit home car that illuminative consumer is choice car hairdressing to just purchased the first car mostly advocate, often experience is scant, deceive consumer is not what tickler.

Price disorder is difficult limit

As we have learned, the average consumption that automobile articles for use acquires in 4S inn first after most consumer buys new car makes an appointment with 3000 yuan. If much things choosing is installed, although incorrect headlight and acoustics undertake changing one's costume or dress, the things price of a new car will be in 10 thousand yuan of above.

The reporter was in a few days ago discovery of inn of 4S of car of a southeast, same a bottle of perfume, of 4S inn mark a price tower above steam matchs a city 12 times.

The reporter enquired the car beside is friendly, major person is mirrorred in them value of market of automobile articles for use is too random now, information asymmetry, oneself are right knowledge of automobile articles for use relatively deficient, undertaking moment of new car illuminative decides hard. Many cars advocate think, be the disorder of the market, oneself car hairdressing can undertake to 4S inn only, but the price that did not think of to look similar things to match a city in 4S inn and steam differs actually nearly 10 times, how should choose after all, most car advocate feel very spellbound.
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