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7 common cars maintain the lamp clears operation guideline
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One, car of Jun Wei of Shanghai general Bie Kehe maintains the lamp clears

(ON of 1) ignition switch. (2) will quicken footplate to walk below 3 times continuously inside 5s.

2, east wind is beautiful 307 cars maintain the lamp clears

(1) shuts ignition switch. (2) presses the sheet on assorted appearance second mileometer clears pushbutton, make pushbutton holds the position that is pressed. (3) opens ignition switch. (4) odograph shows screen begins computation. Show when indication screen 0 when, loose pushbutton, in combining appearance to display screen right now, express to maintain the spanner indicator light of the operation should go out. Attention: After this operation is finished, if want to disconnect accumulator cable, must lock up car and await 5min at least, clear otherwise won't controlled unit record comes down.

3, Shanghai handkerchief Sa is special B5 car maintains the lamp clears

Dashboard shows the SERVICE on screen indicates to maintain cycle indicates a sign, be in when ignition switch ON position, the SERVICE mark on indication screen twinkles, and the mark after starting engine disappears, show this car should undertake maintaining. After maintaining, should undertake the lamp clears maintaining, move is as follows: (1) falls in the circumstance of engine flameout, press next revolution counter to the short distance below is apart from tally restoration pushbutton and be pressed. (Position of ON of park of switch of 2) general ignition, unlock short distance to be apart from tally restoration pushbutton, indication screen occurrence SERVICE indicates. (3) presses minute of button on clock, use minute of button sunwise, course of development appears to show on indication screen. (Flameout of 4) general engine, remind information restoration. (Position of ON of park of switch of 5) general ignition, SERVICE mark disappears.

4, car of A6 of Ao Di of one steam masses maintains the lamp clears

(1) shuts ignition switch, press the button of the right on dashboard. (2) opens ignition switch, show SERVICE indicates on indication screen, press the left button on dashboard, until show to after maintaining course the next time, loosen again.

5, car of Picasso of dragon of iron of east wind snow maintains the lamp clears

On Picasso car dashboard maintain lamp V19 is spanner appearance, in put through every time the meeting inside ignition switch 2s is ablaze, show in odograph place at the same time safeguard the next time return number of the rest course of development, disappear after 2s (be apart from maintain next time little at 2000km, ablaze 5s) . If finish the car that increase demand exceeded,maintain deadline and did not maintain, put through every time inside ignition switch 5s, maintain the lamp and the number of formulary course of development that already maintained more than can show, the odograph after 5s indicates normal value, but maintain the lamp is ablaze all the time. In safeguard first (2000km) and maintain regularly (after every interval 10000km) , need to undertake the lamp clears maintaining. When be counted for other course of development, not to maintaining the lamp undertakes clearing operating, the course that maintains clew otherwise and the course that should maintain truly are right did not go up. Remind an user to should maintain more than course of development maintains when the lamp is ablaze all the time, do not clear let its go out, must make after maintaining, undertake clearing again, let maintain the lamp goes out. Maintain the lamp clears the method is as follows: (Position of OFF of park of switch of 1) general ignition (do not open) . (2) presses course of development to clear with finger pushbutton Q is not moved. (Position of ON of park of switch of 3) general ignition (open) . (4) course of development shows 10, 9, 8... till,pour computation 0 till. (5) loosens course of development clears pushbutton Q, shut ignition switch, pull out ignition key, maintain the lamp goes out.
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