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Nimble amounts to ATi to wear the car hangs D to block do not walk along correct
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Does nimble amount to ATi to wear does the car hang D to block do not walk along corrective maintenance?

Breakdown examination: Join VAS5051 engine diagnoses appearance above all, inquiry changes oneself box control is unit, without out of service record, read take 08 data piece, voltage of each electromagnetism a powerful person is normal, electronic-controlled barrier of systematic without reason, remain mechanical part only, check oil pressure above all, advocate oil duct oil pressure is normal, when checking oil pressure again, its are in-house change oneself box oil flows a few, contain a burnt ingredient, can affirm clutch according to papering flavour piece burned-out already, classics car advocate agree with disintegrate gear-box, discovery changes oneself box oil is too dirty, k3 clutch is burned-out. Classics car advocate approbate, change K3 clutch assembly, clean gear-box housing, installation is fine, add note from gear-box oil, test-drive, trouble removal.

Breakdown analysis: This car travel 90 thousand kilometer had not changed to change oneself box is oily, because change oneself box travel 90 thousand kilometer, oil is already degenerative, lubricant function is reduced, produce what foreign matter increases each component thereby to wear away, this car usually, use D blocks travel, bring about K3 clutch so piece all and burned-out.