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Engine of electric gush car malfunctions to repair 3 opportunely
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1, drive lever cannot pull out from P archives

AL4 automatic gear-box can happen drive joy stick cannot from P archives (jockey archives) the breakdown phenomenon that pull out, do not hang at this moment on other archives (N: Empty shelves; D: Moving archives; R: Reverse gear) , the car is not moved, department opportunity is very rusty. Use a hand of course hard board drive joy stick is of no help, have a clever method to unplug joy stick:

A, short receive stop lamp switch to input output line end;

B, with big bottle opener inclined insert into the lock to stop implement unplug electro-magnet, pull out quickly joy stick;

C, ravel in the center of sundry box, uproot the lock stops directly the armature core of driver, unplug gearlever " N " archives.

Of course, eliminate this breakdown to have a premise, after stepping footplate of next apply the brake namely, stop lamp is not bright ability is effective. Go up like dashboard " SPT " , " * " the lamp is ablaze may be automatic transmission computer damage or be to prevent to start relay to damage, cannot pull out with above method at this moment gearlever.

2, the method that eliminates vapour lock

Electric gush car offers oily department to also can send angry block, outside removing design cause (be like) of big house car, area of close high temperature of gasoline tank and vitta, send angry block easily, need to use method of refrigeration of tradition of cold water, cold dishcloth to eliminate. Car of other report gush also can send angry block likewise, if car of gush of Fu Kang report is be expert at car route is medium abrupt flameout, cannot restart.

Should open switch at this moment, start several times, an oil of the car filter nozzle that ravels with oily basin catching, till carry foamy gas the platoon is clean, screw vitta can, it can tell you at the same time, when cheering, do not press pushbutton of the white inside gasoline tank mouth, make gasoline tank replete oily, the gas in causing gasoline tank does not have eduction space. This kind of breakdown happens the most easily in the taxi that full gasoline tank hands over.

3, the method that prevents adj/LIT wide crock

Fu Kang car sails urgently in rainstorm, easy happening breakdown of adj/LIT wide crock. The reason is the lower part before inspiratory mouth is located in cistern face guard, splash those who rise is turbid easy from inspiratory mouth, classics empty colander is inspiratory air cylinder, cause adj/LIT wide crock, make caustic cylinder body. In the meantime, when north happening sand and dust is cruel, as a result of this structure characteristic of Fu Kang car, sand and dust enters empty colander extremely easily also to cause from inspiratory mouth jam flameout.

Lash-up method: When weather of sanded dust storm, ying Qinqing divides sand and dust of core of empty colander filter, still can change inspiratory mouth to flank very effective also. Rainstorm day, should control road surface of speed, choice, do not develop loblolly small pool. If rainstorm is abiding, flat tear open inspiratory canal from empty colander one aspect of the matter temporarily below, tian Qing hind is installed all right again, can prevent the adj/LIT wide crock, accident that pound a crock effectively.
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