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Quickly undesirable, blowout temper, vent-pipe risks the breakdown reason such a
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Engine work is not steady, quickly undesirable, blowout temper, vent-pipe risks black smoke, demonstrative mixture gas burns inside engine air cylinder inadequate, this one appearance is created by the reason of a lot of respects. Engine mixes gas to burn adequately when regular job, produce much heat energy and drive piston business, emission basically is water and carbon dioxide, because this tail gas is basic,be colorless dull, when engine work is abnormal, contain in tail gas many carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and all sorts of particle, present black, urgent when quickening more apparent.

Below afore-mentioned circumstances, should check sparkplug to whether have first accumulate carbon to cross the unusual appearance such as ablation of much, electrode, if do not have, reexamination each crocks actuating pressure, should be more than 1.2 × 10Pa commonly. If air cylinder pressure is too low, mixture gas will cannot get sufficient compression, can cause inflammation undesirable. Should check link of crock of mat, valve, piston at this moment, the analysis judges flat reason. If above measure all did not see unusual, still should check engine to control a system.

Engine sky lights than "A: The theoretical value of F" is 14.7: 1, start in cold car, urgent when quicken or needing high-power to output, the requirement mixes gas to add thick, below other job state, light more academic than should be being maintained level for nothing. Oxygen sensor is passed timely the oxygen content in measuring tail gas, fuel injection quantity is amended inside certain limits, form the closed-loop control of fuel injection. Should check each part that has main effect to fuel injection quantity commonly, sensor of position of the valve that be like a section (the TPS) , manifold that take energy of life is absolutely pressure sensor (flowmeter of MAP) , air (Wen Chuangan of MAF) , water implement (ECT) . The metabolic ratio of TPS signal mirrorred a car to quicken condition, at this moment Ying Jianong mixes, in order to increase output power, reduce ignition to shift to an earlier date even at the same time horn, with preventing to deflagrate, visible, horn and power control a powerful person shift to an earlier date to the vacuum in carburettor since MAP the action of two components, MAP in idle fast circumstance falls, output voltage should be between 1V-1.4V, MAP is having conclusive effect to fuel injection quantity, if itself has a problem, or the existence of the manifold that take energy of life in its back end is flat (if enter gas manifold interface to pay damage,wait for) , the husband offers wrong signal to make engine work serious to ECM abnormal, ECF also is deciding fuel injection capacity, when engine work temperature is inferior, should increase fuel injection amount, lift along with temperature, should reduce fuel injection amount, if engine temperature is already normal, and ECT sensor still provides microtherm signal to ECM, can make mixture concentration exorbitant, engine work is abnormal.
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