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The diagnostic method of breakdown of car batholith abnormal knocking
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Here introduces breakdown of abnormal knocking of batholith of a few kinds of cars to judge a method:

1, the resolution of engine abnormal knocking and rear abnormal knocking

Get on the car in flat road surface above all the course of development with fair go, make the working temperature of rear rises it is normal to come, give out abnormal knocking when car travel next when, record next speed of a motor vehicle, after jockeying, buy transmission at neutral position, quicken slowly again, till the rotate speed of engine and the speed when occurrence abnormal knocking comparative when, observation has those who do not have abnormal knocking to happen, can repeat a few times, whether cause in order to decide abnormal knocking as a result of the abnormal state institute of exhaust or engine. Net of conserve of vehicle maintenance and repair

2, the resolution of tire noise and rear noise

Follow road surface and tire noise produces change, rear noise criterion otherwise. The speed when the car under 48km/h when, rear noise disappears, and tire noise criterion surrive. The car is mixed in travel when gliding, the noise of tire is identical, but the noise of rear is different however.

3, the resolution of hub bearing abnormal knocking and rear noise

The car is mixed in travel when gliding, the noise of front-wheel drive bearing is changeless, if maintain speed changeless and apply apply the brake a bit, can make annulus carry bearing to reduce partial load, thereby but abate noise, can discover noise source comes from where.

When speed is more than 48km/h, unless rear wheel axis damages badly, usually the noise of rear wheel bearing can be heard rarely, the car glides or when neutral, the rear wheel bearing that cracks caustic can arise " rumble " noise, and denuding rear wheel bearing is given out " rustle " noise.

4, reducer is conic and active bearing and difference fast implement the resolution of bearing abnormal knocking

Reducer bearing arises normally harsh " rumble " sound or " " sound, sound metre is stable, change as speed and change.

Reputation of the bearing before the conic driving gear of reducer is bigger when the car glides, the noise of bearing is after when travel bigger.

Poor fast implement the noise of bearing is a kind of changeless jar normally, but the noise of bearing of coniccer than reducer driving gear wants its metre alleviate more.

5, the resolution of rear gear noise

When normal and linear travel, because differ fast implement axle shaft gear and planetary gear did not move relatively almost, do not hear noise so.

In car travel process, the account that rear gear produces abnormal knocking is mostly by lubricant and undesirable be caused by, bring about reducer gear to grind a bruise thereby, if be in all sorts of gliding,abnormal knocking can be heard below speed, explaining is by reducer the screw cap of driving gear becomes loose cause.
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