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Engine flameout or roll not all breakdown is analytic
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1) the sparkplug that examines ignition system, when engine idle fast when, the cusp that uses Mu Bing or screwdriver presses the metallic carapace in cylinder lid or engine itself to go up, the metallic part that uses baking powder contacts the thrum of each sparkplug, be like engine because of this gradually slow if coming down, explain sparkplug works below whack, if engine speed is invariant, the compression that is sparkplug invalidation or engine itself is not ideal. -- the condition that examines sparkplug, whether does the sparkplug in firebox have smeary or carbon deposit.

2) the high-pressured coil of ignition distributor is faulty -- if sparkplug is in good condition, and engine still has flameout appearance, may be to cut off the power bit of dent or ablation are excessive and send. Dent passes to cut off the power greatly the dot states ignition distributor already lost effectiveness.

3) the breakdown of the system that offer oil

4) distributing valve door or clearance are adjusted undeserved --

A) carburettor is adjusted undeserved, when high above in the sky turns or high speed runs, engine turns not slow or rotate speed not all, comparative in movement the late unripe temper of time

B) benzine incomplete combustion, engine runs when the idling not all, when be being quickened cannot fast turn, criterion this difficulty should belong to combustion not complete. Did not evaporate or or benzine of not complete flaming is diluent and lubricant the lubricant of cylinder wall and crankshaft.

(if have allophone,generation is in at engine, it is piston block very likely namely, locomotive difficulty, can be when high speed movement by the steam cylinder oil with inlet pipe right amount infuse, wash smeary. )

× piston annulus and cylinder damage:

The engine that start makes its speed a little speed of prep above idling, connecting next tracheal on fine listen, if have the reputation that subtle hoarse neighs, indicate the baric permeate crankcase inside cylinder inside, every has fat sparkplug, also state piston annulus and cylinder wall already produced attaint phenomenon.

Maintain a method: If belong to attaint truly excessive, should cylinder new evade is ground. (namely appreciably enlarges thousand X/ inch, the measures that cooperates to increase piston and piston annulus moderately)

5) leak of gas a powerful person: Leak of gas a powerful person also is to bring deliver engine flameout or rotate speed not all one of reasons. Want an experiment to take gas a powerful person whether leak? Usable handkerchief is put in carburettor to go up into gas mouth, if have gas,a powerful person taking energy of life from leak is blown, criterion the handkerchief is blown. Exhaust valve whether leak? But with respect to vent-pipe fine listen, if fizz is given out, indicate exhaust valve leak namely.

Maintain a method: New burnish exhaust enrages a family of power and influence, make clearance measurable.
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