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The car changes his costume or dress beard look before you leap changes his cost
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"Did you change today? " the complimentary language that has been each Che Youjian face. Change one's costume or dress the potential that the car already presented a set the prairie ablaze now, no matter cart, car, high-grade car, cheap car changes,get extremely. Travel is on the ave, the car in wagon flow has the mark that change one's costume or dress more or less, hasten of general trends place does not change seem to already did not follow to go up tide. Nevertheless, with respect to the big environment that at present the car changes his costume or dress not to mature, although many cars change his costume or dress quite strongly to explode, but truly mature change one's costume or dress not much however. Changing one's costume or dress is not to look for a shop casually, change a vent-pipe and dried mushrooms head, can achieve immediately expect the result: Horsepower soars, speed violent wind rises. And, if change one's costume or dress not good at, be equal instead at destroying a car, such changing one's costume or dress, you change or do not change?
Problem 1: Economy car outfit adds empennage, stress soil fertility difference!

Problem index: ★ ★ ★

Destroy car incident: What Miss Shao leaves is the QQ of a make threatening gestures, although the car is small, but because changed color, added paster, leave so special on the road grab eye, special pull wind. And the love car that Miss Shao still gives her added empennage. But just changed his costume or dress before long, miss Shao connects the travel on quick way in Beijing when, feel the car is buoyant suddenly, catch soil fertility to be not constant error. The car on the road is not fortunately much at that time, miss Shao after the event describes: Never mention it car, I am small life within an inch of is not protected.

The expert is analytic: What say normally " empennage " more professional call a law to flow for faze board, see at motile the car is mixed more racing bike. Also be open to traffic of a few general is added now installed " empennage " faze flows board. The car is in high speed travel when, car forehead air can be divided into two parts, one part is passed from the upside of car, one part is passed from the bottom of car. Inside same time, the run that the air of car upside experiences should grow to circulate the air of classics at bottom, can infer, the atmospheric pressure of car upside should be less than bottom, arose to be differred from next upgrade pressure so. Below extreme circumstance, the lift that the car produces can offset the gravity of the car, be equal to car in suspension to rise to be lost completely catch soil fertility, this is a very critical issue to the car of high speed travel

Problem 2: Vent-pipe changes straight platoon, noise is big!

Problem index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Destroy car incident: Save trouble of Mr Ma graph changes the car straight platoon, come out from exhaust manifold namely, take out accelerant paragraph discharge with end, discharge waste gas in air directly, such discharging the effect is pretty good, but noise is very big. Mr Ma says: Shake when car travel sense is clearer, "Follow sit skip skip like the car. " additional, straight without the waste gas that passes processing platoon can cause serious pollution, this is the error that vent-pipe changes this costume or dress.
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