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The basic structure of the car?
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Ask: Is the basic structure of the car what kind of?

Answer: General and commonly used car is main the structure is to 4 parts are comprised, this 4 parts are: Automobile body of engine, batholith and wiring part.

The car is to point to by dynamical drive, have 4 or the car that the blame orbit of 4 above wheel bears the weight of. Have 3 kinds of taxonomy at present:

1, classify by utility and structure

Have national level GB3730.1, 88 " the term of car and semi-trailer and definition car type "

2, manage classification by public security mechanism

3, classification of international general motors

Have national level GB3730.1, 2001 " the term of car and trailer type and definition " with GB / T15089 - 2001 " motor vehicle and trailer classification "