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Clutch principle and the use of half linkage skill
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Use the model that block to the hand and character, clutch is the important part of car power system, it is being loaded will undertake cutting off working with connective between motivation and engine. In urban road complex perhaps a section of a highway drives when, clutch became one of parts that we use the oftenest, and the stand or fall that clutch applies, reflected directly drive horizontal discretion, also reflected the stand or fall that protects to car. Use clutch correctly, master the principle of clutch to use clutch in order to be below special situation to solve a problem, it is every drive the hand moves the Che Youying that blocks a model to should master.

Alleged clutch, that is to say of just as its name implies is used " from " with " close " will transfer right amount power. Clutch by attrition piece, play reed, platen and dynamical take-off are comprised, decorate between engine and gear-box, use the moment of force that will store on engine flywheel to deliver transmission case, assure car to deliver the driving force with right amount drive wheel and torque below different travel situation, belong to the category of dynamical assembly. In half linkage when, the dynamical input end of clutch and dynamical output carry difference of rotate speed of be patient of, come true namely through difference of its rotate speed transfer right amount power.

Clutch cent is 3 jobs status, what do not step on next clutch namely is complete move repeatedly, step on next clutch partly move repeatedly partly, and those who step on next clutch do not move repeatedly. It is when car when normal travel, platen is to squeeze the attrition that leans in flywheel closely piece those who go up, right now platen and chafe an attrition power between is the greatest, opposite static friction maintains between input axis and take-off, both rotate speed is identical. When car starts, the driver steps on next clutch, the motion of clutch pedal pad is pulled move platen to lean backward, namely platen and attrition piece detached, right now platen and flywheel are not contacted completely, nonexistent also opposite attrition.

Last kinds, namely of clutch use position repeatedly partly. Right now, platen and attrition piece attrition force is less than use position repeatedly completely. The attrition on clutch platen and flywheel piece between it is sliding friction condition. The rotate speed of flywheel is more than the rotate speed of take-off, transmit transmission dynamical part to deliver transmission case from flywheel. Condition of a kind of flexible connection is equivalent to between engine and drive wheel right now.

Generally speaking, clutch is start in car and shift gears when produce effect, right now the one axis of gear-box is mixed existence rotate speed is poor between 2 axes, after must dissectioning the motivation of engine with one axis, synchronized ability maintains the rotate speed of one axis very well as synchronous as 2 axes, block after be being hanged, repass clutch joins one axis and engine motive force, make motivation continues to be able to transmit.
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