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Does winter drive should compare other season is oily cost high be true after al
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A lot of friends have a such doubt: Does winter drive should compare other season is oily cost high be true after all?

What actually winter engine needs is heat preservation is not to come loose hot. Because be affected by airy of going from place to place, the temperature of engine maintains not easily control in 80OC, engine can increase fuel injection to measure, change ignition shifts to an earlier date part will maintain temperature. At the same time thermal efficiency of cold weather petrolic also is inferior to summer greatly. These element nature make the oily cost of the car when winter chill weather higher than other season.

Finally cannot evasive is -- , open sirocco whether the problem of excessive consumption of fuel and oil. The answer is affirmative. Open sirocco to raise oily cost for certain! When you open sirocco, it is to was the cold circulatory system of engine to increase a radiator in fact. This shows, driving in the winter is to should compare oily at ordinary times cost tall, open air conditioning than summer even tall still.

How to prevent to love car oil bad news is exorbitant

1, not long high speed travel. An any cars have economic speed per hour, car of cropland resembling abundant is 80~90 kilometer more / lowest of hour oily bad news, high speed travel can increase wind resistance, raise oily cost thereby.

2, want those who strengthen pair of cars to maintain at ordinary times. For instance: Wheel bearing should go up on time oily, can reduce attrition force, also can reduce oily cost, still have engine oil viscosity, also can bring about oily bad news to increase, want to use the engine oil of 10W-30W in winter. Car-m.cn

3, the abnormal job on chassis type engine also can cause oily cost exorbitant. For instance: Of tire wear away out of order or not stable metropolis brings about direction oily bad news is exorbitant.

4, reduce a car to load, do not set needless heavy thing inside the car.

5, avoid frequent mix urgently quickly slam the brakes on, maintain divide evenly fast travel.

6, time of summer of speed ratio of tall idle of winter cool car is long, also can cause oily cost tall.