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The Ministry of Public Security is announced new " program of road transportatio
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Produce accident driver to must evacuate the person that take a car

Next year (2009) rose on January 1, produce postaccident, the driver is in ensure to the personnel on the car must be organized to withdraw below safety, otherwise once produce an accident 2 times, the accident responsibility of aggravating driver. Yesterday (on August 26) in the morning, the Ministry of Public Security was announced new " program of road transportation trouble removal sets " , include general principles, administer, call the police and accept wait for 87 to have 11 orders in all. In the meantime, released on April 30, 2004 " program of traffic trouble removal sets " (the Ministry of Public Security makes the 70th) revocatory.

New " set " the liability of “ scattered ” that increases a driver clearly first: Once traffic accident produces on highway, drive the person must be in ensure safe principle falls, organize the personnel on the car instantly scattered to the safety outside the road the ground is nodded, avoid to produce friend of second make trouble. Drive the person already cannot act because of road transportation accident dies or getting hurt, other personnel ought to be organized by oneself on the car scattered. In the meantime, the foreigner produces road transportation accident, handling before ending, public security mechanism can forbid his to leave the country lawfully. (Mu Yi)

Policy is unscrambled

Yesterday, beijing hands in tubal bureau to tell a reporter about chief, new " set " made specific provision to responsibility of “ scattered ” first.

According to introducing, old " regulation " although the driver to producing traffic accident asks to jockey,call the police, the content such as mark of caution of the person that relieve a sick or injured person is hurt, setting, but did not refine scattered should be in charge of this content, also do not have the case that alludes to the driver has died or cannot act, generate controversy from this.

Now, this had clear demand in new regulation, the driver must bear a responsibility of “ scattered ” , unless had died to perhaps cannot act, otherwise, once produce an accident 2 times, will aggravating driver is in 2 times the responsibility in the accident. At present these content had been carried out in Beijing.

The Ministry of Public Security was released 27 days this month " program of road transportation trouble removal sets " , this will have the new rule that apply on January 1, 2009, will replace active " program of traffic trouble removal sets " . ” of “ new rule makes clear a policeman to handle road transportation accident, ought to gain the competence of accident of processing road transportation of corresponding grade. Wine traffic accident drives to need the provision such as intervening insurance of branch of seasonable blood test, policeman after adding driver alcoholic drink at the same time, make its are helpful for protecting the rights and interests of traffic accident victim.
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