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The air inside the car detects will have since March 1 " law " can depend on
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Open door, a pungent flavour blow on the face and come, salesperson explanation says: “ new car has bit of taste, be normal! ” however, since March 1, normal ” of this kind of “ will no longer normal. To carry out " law of environmental protection of People's Republic of China " , the air inside car of prevention and cure is polluted, improve quality of car core condition, home makes first detect the standard ——— that the air inside the car pollutes " inside the car volatile organic matter and sampling of aldehyde ketone material determine method " (the following abbreviation " method " ) will carry out on March 1.

■ the standard applies to car only static condition

According to total bureau of national environmental protection relevant controller introduces, this " method " stipulated the sampling of volatile organic matter and aldehyde ketone material inside cabin of the member that measure motor vehicle to multiply nods method of requirement of technology of ambient conditions of setting, sampling, sampling and equipment, corresponding measurement technique and equipment, data processing, quality to assure to wait for content.

In the meantime, this " method " apply to car only below static condition, the sampling of volatile organic matter and aldehyde ketone material inside the car and measure. In running a course to car, the air inside the carbon monoxide that arises by engine place and benzine flavour vehicle that create is polluted, not here " method " detect inside limits.

To this, shang Dagang of director of center of monitoring of blowdown of motor vehicle of total bureau of national environmental protection says: “ comes on stage this " method " , those who detect is a respect that empty temperament measures a lot of factor inside influence car only. ” as we have learned, element of the airy inside influence car is very much, 2 degrees of pollution after the pollution of the generation in advancing process of use material of itself of the air environment that includes periphery, car, car and car are decorated, because this is in actual unit process of cargo bandling, pollute a source very hard certainly. Accordingly, just chose the link that confirms the most easily this, the pollution that issues itself place to use fittings place to cause in static condition to car namely undertakes detecting.

Shang Dagang says: “ this " method " have certain limitation, still need to continue to perfect later, but after all in this respect we had stepped one pace. ”

■ sampling must satisfy 4 requirements

According to " method " regulation, when executive sampling, the sampling environment that car getting check is in should satisfy 4 requirements, namely: Environmental temperature 25 Celsius, the error is in 1 Celsius less than; Environmental relative humidity 50% , the error is in 10% less than; Speed of environmental air current is less than or be equal to every second 0.3 meters; Chroma of environmental pollution setting is worth toluene to be less than or be equal to every stere to 0.02 milligram, formaldehyde is less than or be equal to every stere 0.02 milligram. In the meantime, below formulary ambient conditions, car getting check is in static condition, air door of air inlet of cabin of the door of car, window, member that multiply, engine and all and other equipment (like air conditioning) all be in close position.
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